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Citizen OfXee

Citizens of Xee
Day Dreamer
Seattle, Washington
Seattle. Accordion. Wears bright colors.

Citizen of Xee is the online presence of Marchette. Also known as Gotee Princess of Xee. If you need to know more, then we should meet in the real world. This matrix is fun sometimes, but it's not satisfying. And now, please join me in giving the adbots some keywords, I want to see how this effects what shows up in the corners of the pages. New keywords: flip chart, walkabout, leather, talk, swish, switchblade, torque, basketball, nitrogen, helium, incandescent, marigold, marzipan, pants, PANTALONES, pantomime, mine, buried, winning streak, exponential, existential. There, that should do it. Check back here often for new lists of keywords.

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