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Apsara Ensemble, Led by Master Dancer Chan Moly Sam

Cambodian Music & Court Dance

The Apsara Ensemble was founded in 1987 by Chan Moly Sam and her husband Sam-Ang Sam. The ensemble works closely with other principal Cambodian master musicians and dancers now residing in the U.S.

Website: http://jsis.washington.edu/seac/

Chan Moly Sam, Director, Choreographer and Lead Dancer (Sita) Sophan Nol, Assistant Director and Roneat Aek (leading xylophone) Rath Lay, Technical Director, Skor Thomm Tror (barrel drum), singer Noeung Poeung, Sampho (small double-headed barrel drum), Sralai T (quadruple-reed shawn) Ngek Chum, Sralai T (quadruple-reed shawn), Korng Vong (gong) Ra Khlay, Lead Singer, Sampho (small double-headed barrel drum) Jenny Ap, Singer Rattanak Ath, Dancer (Hanuman) Kalyana Lay, Dancer (Golden Mermaid/Suvann Machha) Celine Ap, Dance Attendant 2-3 other wordrobe assistants and set assistants to help set up.