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Kabuki Academy

Japanese Kabuki Performance

Kabuki Academy was founded in 1983 by Mary Mariko Ohno. She instructs students of all ages and backgrounds in Japanese Kabuki-style dance and Naga-uta style shamisen music. Based in Seattle/ Tacoma area. Mary Ohno received acknowledgement for her extraordinary abilities from the American Guild of Musical Artists in 1998. She also recieved the Gordon Ekvall Tracie Award in 2002 from the Ethnic Heritage Council for her significant contributions to the development and presentation of traditional arts to Northwest communities. Kabuki Academy had been performing at the Folklife Festival since 1999, mesmerizing audience with traditional shamisen music and Kabuki dancers wearing beautiful kimonos. Last May 2012, sixteen of her Kabuki Academy shamisen players were invited to perform at a Shamisen Concert in Ibaraki, Japan. While a great success, we dearly missed performing at the Folklife Festival in 2012.

All Shamisen- 3 stringed instruments We need 10-12 microphones. We'll bring our own short microphone stands (10) as we sit on the floor.