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Curtis Eaglespeaker

Cascade Valley Hospital
Nuclear Medicine Technologist
Edmonds, Washington
I often meet people who like what image they think I portray...be it a Gothy boy, or a traditional Native guy or a good dad to my kids or an outgoing, social butterfly or a half-decent looking man. Having one or more of those traits in a boyfriend/husband sounds amazing...the idea of me & what I offer appeals greatly to some lovely people I've met.

But because of their fears, filters, assumptions, etc...some of these people are unable to know the real me...or mistake me for something I'm not or judge me wrongly.

I am all of those things above...but it is what is in my spirit that allows me to be those things that I think is what's truly cool about me or, for that matter, anyone else. Image, title, job, looks, clothes, age, musical tastes, abilities, friends, education...all of these things change & are not my basis for choosing a partner...so I would not wish to be chosen based on these traits either.

These traits get us in the door, they allow us to meet, but after that, my first question is What Else Do You Have? Are you kind? Forgiving? Dedicated? Loving? Are you understanding? Do you live a life based on fear? How do you face challenge? Are you selfish?

I want someone I can grow old with...knowing we will both change greatly throughout our lives....knowing these surface traits do not truly define who we are...I want our spirits to fall in love, not based simply on our physical body or what society attempts to define us as.

I want to be truly seen, truly understood...& to do the same for another lovely, deserving spirit :)